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3. What is Agile?

In Agile methodology, the team discuss the features with the product owner/Business that are of value. Then work on those features during an iteration to deliver a verifiable/release outcome. The feature worked in earlier iteration can also be enhanced during the next iteration based on the product owner/business user feedback in addition to the new … Continue reading 3. What is Agile?


2. Our methodology options..

Let us first look what a methodology is. Methodology is a set of process and procedures followed in a certain way to deliver a project. There are various methodologies in place, for context, let us look into Waterfall, Iterative, Incremental and Agile. To get to an understanding of this methodologies, let us say you have … Continue reading 2. Our methodology options..

1. What is PMI-ACP all about?

It was an interesting journey of getting to know Agile methodologies, learn them and live them on my project's day on day. Yes ! I meant it "live them". As I start to adopt agile by slowly drifting from traditional mindset, I started realizing the value of these methods and how simple it is to use and there comes a moment when I wanted to explore more than the methodology or nuts/bolts of the methodology practiced, that is the moment I would say you are ready to think about PMI-ACP Certification. So what is this PMI-ACP?