1. What is PMI-ACP all about?

It was an interesting journey of getting to know Agile methodologies, learn them and live them on my project’s day on day. Yes ! I meant it “live them”. As I start to adopt agile by slowly drifting from traditional mindset, I started realizing the value of these methods and how simple it is to use and there comes a moment when I wanted to explore more than the methodology or nuts/bolts of the methodology practiced, that is the moment I would say you are ready to think about PMI-ACP Certification. So what is this PMI-ACP?
             PMI-ACP is the “Agile Certified Practitioner” certification offered by PMI for the Agile practitioners.Ok let’s see what it takes to get certified
            So I started the application which  should be like any other PMI certification exam if you have already done it. Next step is to explore & understand the exam outline available in PMI  website of what areas are being focused for the certification, which geared me towards gathering the materials to prepare myself for the exam and set my focus on the exam. There are lots of books in the market to get us prepared towards the exam.
        As I set my sail towards the exam and start going through the materials, reads at the high level was like okay, interesting, well not so interesting and so on. I would corelate this to just how we defined our user stories just at a level which made sense for us, (Lol..but I didn’t rank them yet just went through it like a brainstorming exercise). Then second time read got me thinking about the core behind this certification is all about the agile mindset which is what I spoke about the think agile, breath agile and live agile. Also it did give an opportunity to explore various methodologies and how the core concepts of agile to provide value, increment delivery, frequent verification & validation, collaboration is embedded into different methodologies. It does provide a flavor of the lean methodologies like Kanban.
              Let us explore more about PMI-ACP in my next blog..Stay tuned..!

2 thoughts on “1. What is PMI-ACP all about?

  1. This is a great read, I would be interested to know more about Kanban tool, would be great if you can give some insight in your upcoming ones.


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